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About Connie M – founder of Dating Profile Tips and The Love Hunter’s Guide to midlife love.

Hi, I’m Connie M, and I’m in my mid-fifties.

I’ve spent most of my life working in healthcare research/writing and psychological/community well-being sectors. Along the way, I’ve worked as a volunteer grief counsellor and life coach for midlife daters from across Australia, the UK and the USA.

I’ve spent several decades studying psychology, marketing and relationship counselling methods, as well as loss and grief in relation to midlife changes. These changes disturb the status quo, and they range from divorce to bereavement to partner suicide loss to disability, dementia, cancer and/or strokes.

I’m aware of the many struggles people can face when they find themselves alone or unpartnered after 50, 60 or 70 years in age, and yet they want to explore finding a potential partner – online or otherwise – and don’t know where to start. Or perhaps they’ve tried and “failed” – primarily thinking they’re too old for online dating, but actually simply going about it in an entirely backwards way. You see, in our later years, online dating success is all about APPROACH.

People over 50, over 60 and over 70 often DO want to find the right NEW partner after a break up, bereavement or divorce. Many use online dating sites to do so.
  • Far more FAIL than succeed, but only in that they approach it incorrectly.
  • Even those who have failed before could likely have success with online dating sites, if they simply changed their tactics.

The over 50s – over 60s and over 70s Online Dating Demographic – It’s a huge segment of society in many cultures

  • Change – especially later in life – an wreak havoc on your health and well-being at a time you may need – or want – a partner most.
  • It can be especially daunting, challenging or frustrating to search for a new partner when your find yourself suddenly alone after an unwanted separation, painful divorce or unexpected bereavement – even if you felt you were prepared.
  • It’s even harder to enter the new territory of online dating for over 50s, 60s and beyond IF it’s been a very long time since you’ve last been single. Entering the dating forum today has changed significantly over the last 5 to 7 years.
  • But online dating sites and dating coaching CAN help you navigate your way to successful repartnering.
  • It just depends on how prepared and willing you are to (a) learn new approaches to profile creation, (b) use effective search strategies, (c) put your best face and foot forward using the right photographs and current data; and (d) be patient, yet have some fun along the way!

So dating in mid-life over 40, over 50, over 60 and beyond – is all NEW and different today thanks to smart phones and dating apps becoming mainstream methods for meeting partners, lovers, spouses and friends.


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Read my BIO – Online Dating Gurus for best online dating advice

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