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Hello from Connie, an Online Dating Tips and Tricks Author and Better Dating Profile Coach who can help you improve your online dating experiences and response rates.

Thanks so much for reading my pages and my best read online dating blogs.

My goal is to help you SEARCH for love more effectively and efficiently, have some fun with it and NOT get frustrated by poor results or poor response rates to your kisses, swipes smooches or door knocks.


Why I am qualified to help other mid-life daters search for love online:

I have studied both psychology and marketing, and I have also been a mid-life dater on several online dating sites for a number of years.. Early in my post-divorce online dating experiences, I realised that there are a LOT of people who didn’t know how to market themselves appropriately, didn’t understand the knockback rates of dating profiles, weren’t familiar with how much social life and gender expectations (gender roles) had changed so much, and were thinking that people 20 years their junior were still keen to date an ‘older man’ or ‘older woman.’

And of course, I had my own dating experiences and have discovered highly-effective search strategies to meet with amazing minds, enjoying several wonderful connections.

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More about Connie M.

In the course of my health and well-being research into mid-life changes and how people respond to separation, divorce and bereavement, I have interviewed hundreds of mid-life singles looking for love using online dating sites and dating profiles.

And I realise that – simply put – most over 50s and over 60s and sexy 70s need some help with online dating profiles – and search strategies!

And they may also need some recommendations for thinking through WHAT they want, WHERE they want it, and WHO they want it with.

But as we age, our lives are all so much more complicated (most of us, anyway).  If you have a couple with one working spouse/lover/partner and one retired spouse/lover/partner, there’s bound to be some adjusting on time spent together vs time alone pursuing other things (and we don’t mean pursuing the partner/spouse/lovers’ gym instructor or yoga/meditation trainer – we mean, finding time to balance your own life out with a partner who is at a slightly different stage (this is covered in my book, The Love Seeker’s Guide).

But back to why you’re here to begin with – you’re thinking about trying, or have tried and not been successful, at online dating whether be it via Tinder, Match, Bumble, Facebook, Match, Plenty Of Fish/POF, Pink Sofa, Grinder or other dating apps that have become the GO TO method for searching for love, romance, friendship or simple companionship – or a writing buddy., Or riding buddy, cycling buddy or travel companion.


Online Dating Sites and Stigma – Is it full off losers or desperate lonely people?

  • Quite the opposite. Many professionals use dating apps and dating sites like Tinder because they are tired of NOT meeting the right people in traditional meet-up locations, such as the gym, the local pub, the library or a rally march.
  • You’d be amazed how many famous or high-level professionals, artists and musicians use these types of sites (but often they’re not on for very long – as they say – timing is everything).
  • Long ago – we’re talking over 15 to 20 years ago – there was a stigma attached to “assisted dating” whether that was dating ads in newspapers or online (pre dating sites and pre-dating apps), “lonely hearts clubs” and so on – but that was VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY long ago.
  • Digital changed EVERYTHING.

Although Surveys are somewhat small and are typically answered by more WOMEN than men (or other gender identities), a recent survey showed that less than 30% of people thought dating sites were for losers. That means 7 out of 10 surveyed thought they were okay – not a bad consumer review of dating sites!

Thinking online dating sites are for losers or lonely desperados is a view of the past…or of people who’ve never actually tried it or given it the right approach.

  • Less than 30% of people believe that online dating sites such as Tinder, Match, Bumble, RSVP or Elite Singles are full of ‘losers and desperado’s.’
  • Most of these are probably in older age groups as most individuals from 18 to 33 spent the majority of their last 10 years – at least a 3rd of their life in fact – using their smartphone to connect with other people via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Whatsapp, Wechat and more.
  • People who HAVE tried internet dating/online dating apps like Tinder, Bumble or RSVP or Match, recognise there are a wide spectrum of dating site users – from temporarily down-and-outs to mid-life crisis change-overs to CEOs of major corporations – and everything in between.

No stigma – everybody’s on a dating site at some point (nearly everyone, anyway).

Every one does it, it seems – and today, there’s very little if any stigma left about being online and looking for love. Ask around, and nearly everyone you know who’s been single for more than a few weeks (or hours it seems) has “given it a go” and tried their luck online.

That said, everyone knows that online dating is also time-consuming, expensive, frustrating and – quite often – somewhat fruitless.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Looking for Conversation Starters that get responses instead of stonewalled silence?

Read my best dating tips for over 50s blog.

Online Dating CAN BE effective to meet a great partner, girlfriend, boyfriend or future spouse.

You just need the right strategy and the right approach – plus a fair degree of patience and curiosity – to get it right.

Many people get offline JUST before they find true love, and they miss out, when all that was needed was:

  • a better search strategy
    • find more suitable potential partners in less time
    • save money on fruitless connections
  • better photographs (or more of them) to improve profile views
  • more creative descriptions
    • individualised, attention-garnering and humorous approaches
    • presenting yourself in an honest yet highly attractive light
  • personalised writing to improve response rates
  • honesty about who and what they are including AGE HONESTY
  • more information about likes and dislikes

So before we go much further, let me give you my personal TOP 10 Online Dating Sites and why I’ve chosen them.

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Online Dating Resources for over 60s and over 65s

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Many over 50s and over 60s or sexy 70s need a bit of guidance on how to optimise their search strategies and profiles (and WHY it’s so important not to fib about your age).

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