Online Dating Sites & Profile Services for Over 50s

Are you wanting to find love with online dating sites? if yes, you may be wondering…what’s the success rate vs failure rate for online dating apps for people over the age of 50 or over the age of 60?

  • How many people over 50, 60 or 65 find a partner to love using online dating sites?
  • Does online dating still work for people aged over 70 and above?
  • Is it worth joining a particular online dating site if you’re above a certain age, or should you loiter with intention at your local cafes and hope for the best?

The truth is that finding love as we get older IS more challenging than when we were under 50…for a variety of reasons. But it’s often the approach you take — from adjusting your mindset to fixing your profile writing to getting your photographs right — that makes a dating profile either successful — or an absolute failure.

People aren’t born knowing how to market themselves in the competitive field of online dating.

Many of you will resist the concept altogether… but if you do, it’s likely to be the #1 key reason you’ll fail.

Why will you fail if you resist the importance of ‘promoting’ your best self without being dishonest?

Because you’re not yet understand the need for change, adaptation and optimism — you’re failing to comprehend that personal growth is often necessary in order to find new love in your later ages and stages of life.

And if you’re not wanting to embrace making the necessary changes, you’re very unlikely to succeed with online profile dating.

  • However, it’s very possible to improve your chances if you use the right approach, and are willing to make some changes — primarily to the effort you put into finding a partner, your fashion choices, photographs and profile text.
  • Find out why OVER 50s, OVER 60s and OVER 70s need to take online dating seriously in order to reduce their chances of ending up lonely….

It’s not an easy journey to find love using online dating sites. Up to 80% of dating app users will fail; and typically, only 2 out of 10 will be successful.

But if people went about their strategies with more information, they are much more likely to succeed, rather than give up in frustration, anger or lower self-esteem.

Online Dating Sites and Profile Photography Services for Seniors: Dating After 50

So WHAT can you DO to make your online dating profile MORE successful? Is there a method for attracting better partner(s) or reducing your rejection rates?

While it’s not necessarily simple or quick to search for love using online dating sites or apps; it’s not overly difficult, either.

It’s simply that MOST PEOPLE who use online dating apps after the age of 50, 60 or 70:

  • have NO IDEA how to make their PHOTOS and PROFILES stand out
  • use the WRONG photos and word choices
  • engage in HOPELESS (or shall I say, overly hopeful over-reaching) search strategies

Online Dating Mindset

Mindset is the most important thing.

  • That includes a mindset that embraces honesty, integrity and putting your best foot forward in the process.
  • It means changing that 1980’s mustache you forgot to get rid of when it became so very passe.
  • It means updating your wardrobe… throwing out that aging leather jacket that will simply not appeal to who you’re seeking to attract (or at least not bringing it out on dates).
  • It means updating your look and fitness levels so you can be at your most appealing YOU (when possible).
  • It means not thinking you are perfect as is and that everyone should get that.
  • It means admitting when you’re out of shape or very overweight, out of date and out of fashion, and doing something about it so you’re more competitive in a tougher field of finding online love.

And 8 of 10 older online daters fail, who might be far more successful if they got their photos right, didn’t lie about their age or weight, and knew how to present themselves in the best light while still being honest, ethical and real.

  • Sadly 8 of 10 online daters over 50,60 and 70 fail to get to meet the people they’d like to meet — because they’re going about it ALL wrong!
  • They lie, use shocking photos, forget they need to update their image, hair styles, fashions (black leather jackets went out in 1987; so did mustaches except for Movember)…and their fitness levels (e.g. the midlife makeover).

Too often, over 50s and over 60s/over 70s make a half-hearted attempt at online dating. They use shockingly unattractive photos, poor word choices and lie about their age. And they fail. Many give up on online dating (or even searching and hoping for a partner) altogether. Some resort themselves to a life of loneliness and feel like their unwanted.  But it doesn’t have to be that way, because the majority of failed online daters might have been successful at it, had they gone about it with the right approach. That means the right words, search criteria, the right photos (very important) and the right midlife makeover updates to their wardrobe, hair style, communication styles and more.

That’s why Dating Profile Tips and Get Your Photos Right offers:

  • custom-tailored profile reviews and advice
  • best-look profile photography
  • mid-life relationship coaching for selected clients in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond (if you are negative, angry or otherwise don’t have the right mindset, see a psychologist or call BeyondBlue or Lifeline, as they will be more helpful than a dating coach)
  • midlife makeovers for over 50s

Can you really find a partner online? Will better photos, profile writing and dating coaching really help?

  • This is THE most frequently asked question of people exploring going onto DATING SITE(s) in their midlife years (over 50, over 60 or later)
  • There are many different levels of technical skills required to use internet dating apps – PLUS a NEED to know which approaches will actually WORK
  • So this site helps people over 50, over 60 and beyond, learn HOW to make the most of digital dating opportunities
  • It’s the BEST tips and tricks for successful mid-life love seeking

Creating an profile and learning to use dating sites effectively (like TINDER) – after turning 50 or 60 – isn’t rocket science. But it ISN’T an inherent skill set, either. It needs to be learned.

So we created our ONLINE DATING TIPS and PROFILE and PHOTO REVIEW website,

Why I created ONLINE DATING PROFILE TIPS for older people (Seniors, Sexy 70s, 60s, 50s and more) 

After over 10 years of coaching middle-age individuals after a bereavement, breakup or divorce, I’ve come up with several recommended methods for creating online dating profiles and photos that work. 

My tips are easy to follow and can make a BIG difference in your experience with online dating sites.

The differences having TIPS make relates to JUST how frustrating – OR successful – your experience will end up being, as you learn to use online dating sites and apps effectively to search for mid-life love.


Do you need help with online dating profiles or search strategies?

Not everyone who uses online dating sites or top dating apps is digital savvy and profile adept.
  • If you’ve been struggling with too many knockbacks and online rejections, you’ve come to the RIGHT place
  • Our tips are inspired and guided by real experiences and true stories that resulted in FEWER rejections and MORE connections

So if YOU’RE in your middle age and looking for love, look no further than our WEBSITE – dating profile tips for the best online dating blogs and information on getting it right.


  • Save time and money over the longer run
  • Learn patience AND avoid frustration and disappointment
  • Learn easy to use methods for online dating profiles and photos/photography
  • Read dating app reviews and dating profile reviews by REAL people looking for love in mid-life decades
  • Find out if you’re actually READY for online dating – click here to take the QUIZ!

Finding the right shoe – how to find the right FIT.

Not every person you THINK will be a FIT – either on paper or IN dating profile mode – will actually be a suitable MATCH for you.

So you need to approach ONLINE DATING sites as if you’re taking an online dating journey, not a quick one-way flight to love.

The truth about online dating is that it’s more like a TREK or long-channel swim than it is a direct flight. It’s more a meander than it is an arrow. But there are STEPS you can take to increase your SUCCESS rate when searching for a suitable partner.

  • In fact, finding the right FIT using online dating profile searches is like finding a comfortable pair of shoes when you have a very special type of foot.
  • There is NO ONE SIZE fits all – and there’s NO ONE SITE fits all.
  • And the more you try on (the more people you meet or the more profiles you review), the more you will LEARN about what WILL and WON’T suit you

It’s not an easy journey, but it doesn’t have to be frustratingly difficult, either.

  • That said, your attitude counts.
  • You must be willing to give it time, to have patience and resilience, and to learn the profile writing tips and tricks that work – and those that don’t.
  • In the words of Dr Seuss in his book OH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO, “you’ll meet many strange [creatures] as you go….so remember to step with great care and great tact…”

More about GOOD online dating profile and search approaches in my book and online courses, including the LOVE SEEKERS GUIDES to online dating sites for over 50s and over 60s and 70s click here to request information on ordering the book.

Read our top Blogs and best online dating site tips for online dating profile strategies for over 50s, over 60s and beyond.

Online dating isn’t the ONLY solution for loneliness after a bereavement, breakup or divorce. Perhaps just adopt a dog….another cat….or goldfish?

Good alternatives to ONLINE DATING sites and APPS

Online dating is one of the MOST effective modern ways to meet a partner; but only if you’re using sites correctly. The alternative to dating sites IS, of course, to get OUT into your community a bit more, and live a fuller life. Still, it takes the time it takes, and these things can’t be rushed. The trick is to avoid high rates of rejection – frequently caused by common profile mistakes.

Other alternatives to dating sites or dating apps:

  • Attend a variety of meetups, find a new hobby or return to a former pastime that you loved, or consider reigniting the attention of a former flame (only if it didn’t end badly and they’re actually a worthy person of your attention, plus in the right age range for you)
  • If you decide it’s too much effort – consider adopting a rescue pet

MIDLIFE TIP: ADOPT (not shop) a RESCUE dog or other pet from your local RSPCA or the Australian PETRESCUE site.

  • Having a pet that needs daily walking is another great way for over 50s to stay fit PLUS
  • Meet other animal lovers at the dog-walk park or off-lead beach area or dog-friendly cafes

We don’t necessarily recommend this although we DO love to see DOGS FOR EVERYBODY – but it IS an option if you find looking for love via online dating sites a bit of a challenge.

But if you want help, read on – and be sure you browse our top dating tip blogs for online dating apps like Tinder, Facebook,, Match, EHarmony and Elite Singles, to name a few.

The first step to successful online dating IS to get your PROFILE PHOTOS and writing right,

What we’re talking about here is your DATING PROFILE for today’s most popular dating apps such as Silver SinglesBumble, Tinder, Facebook, Match, Eharmony, Elite Singles, RSVP, PlentyofFish and more.

Not your LINKEDIN profile or FACEBOOK page profile (but those need to be fixed up also, as prospective partners may search for you online – cyber-stalking you – before they meet you). (Contact us for tips for avoiding your prospective dates from finding your social media pages too early, before you meet them and/or decide they’re a safe, reliable prospect).

Read our top blog on dating tips for online dating over 50, over 60 and beyond!

Done properly, you could find yourself in the TOP 100 Dating Profiles for your age group.’

Our e-books, blogs and resources for older people using online dating apps shows you how to:

  • describe your preferences and tell your personal story in an ENGAGING manner
  • get CLEAR on what you’re wanting
  • understand the importance of being REALISTIC about what you CAN attract
  • ensure your Dating PROFILE STANDS OUT from the crowd
  • be age honest without losing viable prospects

Be sure to read our blog: “HOW MANY PEOPLE LIE ABOUT THEIR AGE on their ONLINE DATING SITE profiles?”

That’s right, we’re talking about HONESTY – but we’re also talking about telling the truth about yourself, attractively, to attract more suitable potential partners.


Find out more about our Over 50s, Over 60s and Over 70s ONLINE DATING TIPS and other dating services resources.

  1. Visit our online dating profile tips blog (click here)
  2. Check out our personalised PROFILE REVIEW SERVICES on our Online Dating Solutions Service Section (scroll down);

IF you want personalised coaching assistance, which can be done IN PERSON at a cafe in Melbourne or Sydney (,by appointment) OR by Skype, ZOOM or FACETIME – from anywhere in the world – send us an email from our contact page.

Before you scan our service listings and profile template offers, who are we and how do we help mid-life online daters?


Hi, I’m Connie M, and I’ve been working in the healthcare services and psychological well-being sectors for over 20 years. In brief, I’ve studied psychology, marketing and relationship counselling as well as loss and grief from midlife changes from divorce to bereavement to disability.

I’m well aware of the struggles of individuals over 50, 60 and 70 or beyond in terms of finding a partner with whom to spend their final years or decades.

  • Change – especially later in life – an wreak havoc on your health and well-being at a time you may need – or want – a partner most.
  • It can be especially daunting, challenging or frustrating to search for a new partner when your find yourself suddenly alone after an unwanted separation, painful divorce or unexpected bereavement – even if you felt you were prepared.

It’s even harder to enter the new territory of online dating for over 50s, 60s and beyond IF it’s been a very long time since you’ve last been single. Entering the dating forum today has changed significantly over the last 5 to 7 years.

So dating in mid-life over 40, over 50, over 60 and beyond – is all NEW and different today thanks to smartphones and dating apps becoming mainstream methods for meeting partners, lovers, spouses and friends.

So I’ve created some resources, including books, videos and podcasts, to help the over 50s, over 60s and sexy 70s love seekers around the world.

To help you be more efficient in your searching, more honest in your profile, and more discerning about where you spend your dating time – in person and online.

Because as we age, time is one of our most precious commodities. While you need to be patient to find your love using online or community-project methods, there’s no sense wasting time on soul-destroying search methods or poorly written profiles that are likely to cause REJECTION by the very people you WANT to meet MOST!

Online Dating Services for Seniors – Over 50s, Over 60s and Sexy 70s – does it work? Can it work? How to get it right.

Too many knockbacks? Reduce your rejection rate.


Profile Creator – Online Dating Profile Tips

First time online? Or worried you’re not a great writer?  Need help picking photos?

Profile Checker – Get your Profile Checked to increase responses and save on time, money and frustration.

  • Find out what you’re doing RIGHT and what your getting WRONG —
  • You’ll get a reviewed profile (must send the current live profile name/site/app and link) with wording and image suggestions to improve your profile, along with an assessment of the 12 things you can to do which will likely greatly improve your profile appeal and your response rate, so long as you’re using realistic search criteria.

Cost for help writing a profile (once you fill in the basic form): $129.95 per person per profile (USD/AUD)

What the PROFILE CHECKER package gets you:

  • A basic rewrite suggestion aimed at increasing your online appeal
  • A list of 10 to 30 things you could do or say differently to reduce rejection
  • An assessment and rating of up to 10 photos you’d like to use (or are currently using)
  • A copy of our ULTIMATE GUIDE to GETTING YOUR PROFILE PHOTOS RIGHT (normally $9.95 if purchased separately)

Allow up to 5 business days for your profile review and rewrite response; delivered via email (PDF format)..

Will a PROFILE REVIEW or PHOTO ASSESSMENT really help me SUCCEED with online dating profiles?

Success with online dating if you’re over 50, over 60 or in your 70s, depends on many factors.

For most people, but not all, the answer is YES – a profile review or rewrite – along with personal coaching via Skype, Facetime or Facebook or Zoom – can be incredibly helpful in improving your success rate.

Read the TESTIMONIALS section from people I have written profiles for, photographed and/or coached.

NOTE: If you think spending $50 on a profile review is expensive, consider how much wasted time and stamps or swipe options is going to cost you when you’re using an ineffective profile. The loss in POSITIVE responses alone – from a person you’d really like to meet – may cost you a chance for a relationship you might really enjoy.

See any funds put towards your online dating experience as an INVESTMENT in your future – and if you think it’s not worth it, then avoid online dating and try your luck in the local coffee cafe, grocery store, Sunday market or pubs – the costs will likely be about the same, but with targeted profile strategies, honesty and realism, you’re much more likely to succeed with online dating.

Personalised Online Dating Profiles Coaching & Search Strategy Help

If you want personalised support to get yourself going online, to SAVE time and MONEY on the top 10 dating websites, we offer online coaching by appointment, using Skype, Facetime, Zoom or Whatsapp..


Next Steps…

Send us an enquiry today to get started and read our TOP 10 Online Dating Blogs full of TIPS, TRICKS and PITFALL WARNINGS.

  • Don’t sit around waiting for the phone to ring or an email to come in
  • Connect to desired prospective partners by using a better profile approach and by getting your photos right
  • Use the right SEARCH strategies and memberships to increase your chances — which apps, which photographs and what to say in your profile
  • We even have ONLINE coaching available for people who really want to search for love online, without making the common mistakes that limit their chances.
  • Workshops also available (criteria apply to participate).

Of all the times in life you may have thought you needed help, never are the stakes so high as in online dating when you’re over 50, over 60 or over 70 and beyond. Don’t leave it to chance or you might be left alone, lonely, and wondering what went wrong.

We can help you recognise what you’re doing wrong — and ways to get it right!

Contact Dating Profile Tips and Get Your Photos Right — today!