Online Dating Statistics and Number of Tinder Users

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Online Dating Statistics and Tinder User Numbers

This blog contains summaries of online dating statistics and dating app pricing including Tinder user numbers and average costs of some of the best-rated online dating sites (according to reviews).

One of the biggest questions about online dating statistics relates to the numbers of users on popular online dating sites. Just how many users DO these top 10 dating sites have? This ONLINE DATING tips blog includes resource links for validated and estimated online dating statistics resources for Online Dating Facts and Statistics.

  • But remember, it is in EVERY dating site’s interest to report high numbers of members or dating app users. 
  • So take ALL statistical data with a grain of salt as – similar to online dating profiles – company execs may have told the truth attractively.
  • Plus, there’s really no valid data on how many USERS create more than one profile on the same site.
  • Let’s wildly estimate that the number of duplicate profiles on one site – the same person, but with a different user name and differently worded profile – is at least 10% of users, if not far greater,
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Number of people using Tinder and other online dating sites and dating apps: Statistics & Facts



Dating via the internet – thanks to the growing number of users across a wide age range – is still growing.

Statistics about online dating queries indicate countries with significant RECENT dating-app/dating site ADOPTION activity – and high online dating search trends) – for ‘online dating’ include:

  • Philippines
  • South Africa
  • Pakistan
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • India
  • Austria

TINDER – the most popular dating app from what we’ve seen – predominantly has the LARGEST user base and brand recognition, with many new users bypassing evaluating other apps and sites and heading straight for Tinder – making it one of the highest grossing apps around (more stats and facts on Tinder, below).

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The Online Dating Industry generates over $2 billion dollars a year, and shows no signs of slowing down (Business news).

Tinder’s income has skyrocketed and it’s the most profitable APP according to Business Insider news.

  • At the time of this post (September 2018), the online dating industry comprises a $2 billion dollar, fast growing sector of business.
  • The Top 10 Dating Websites include well-recognised brand names such as Tinder, Bumble, Match, Zoosk, RSVP, PlentyofFish and Elite Singles as well as niche dating markets for over 50s and over 60s and over 70s such as SilverSingles.
  • Every day, new players enter the market (in terms of NEW USERS and NEW ONLINE DATING APPS).
  • New and existing APPS also aim to increase revenues by adding NEW features for searching, filtering and finding.
  • Most users find themselves on multiple sites, sometimes seeing many of the same people over and over again, and never finding a match.
  • As in my other top tips for over-50s dating blogs, it’s often because users don’t know the basics of successful dating profiles, search strategies and profile photography rules.
  • Quite as often, it’s because online dating – done properly – takes time, money, innovation, creative story-telling and a solid sense of self = but also a high degree of patience – something few of us still have.
  • And a sense of humour and humility is mandatory, not necessarily in that order. You WILL get rejected – a lot – if you’re reaching out (and being honest).
  • But you WILL also have a chance at finding love – or at least friendship and someone to date. Not everyone will, but most will, if you follow know WHAT YOU WANT, what to look for, what you’ll accept and not accept in a partner – and how to SEARCH BEST for what you’re wanting.



Tinder User Statistics & Online Dating Statistics, Facts and Figures (Dating Site User Numbers, costs and prices)

Even free dating websites can cost you a lot of money to use it in a way that optimises your chances for success.

  • Tinder claims to have 50 million daily users who swipe over 1 billion times a day.   Click here to find out what that means in terms of mutually-matched swipe statistics.
  • Tinder CLAIMS that 15% of Australian’s population use their app; on a population of 35 million that’d be approximately 5 million people.
  • If 18% of Australians report paying for using online dating services or paying average dating site subscription fees, it ends up being about $80.7 million each year in terms of income going to dating sites/match making technology.
  • TINDER is FREE to create an online profile AND to contact others – but only to a certain point.
  • Premium services on Tinder can range in price from around $6.00 USD ($9.99 AUD) to pover $30 USD.
  • Options that enable MORE FEATURES include special software to allow for FILTERING, FINGER TROUBLE FIXING or ADDITIONAL CONTACT options (such as unlimited contact with mutually matching members).
  • The BOOST feature, for example, can get you more attention for a period of 30 minutes..
  • Online dating is a lot like gambling. In fact, it IS a gamble – but unlike other forms of gambling, your rate of WIN – if you play your cards right so to speak (and pardon the pun) – is far higher than that of winning a lottery or scratch-off game card.
What you pay extra for on Tinder when you buy GOLD or other premier levels of user subscriptions::
  • unlimited swipes (able to contact or reject MORE users than ever),
  • global user access (taking geographical desirability vs undesirability to a whole new level),
  • finger trouble fixing (being able to rewind your last swipe)


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