Why LYING on your Dating Profile is a NO NO

Lying on Your Profiles: Why dishonesty on your dating site profile is a definite NO.

Is it okay to lie about your age, weight or height on a dating profile? The answer is a definitive NO. Why is not OKAY to lie

The primary reason people lie about their age, weight or height on a profile?  It’s because they don’t want to admit who they are at this stage of life. They are not wanting to be realistic.

Another key reason people lie on profile  to try to meet people they want to meet, but who have

Mistakes and LYING on your online dating profile costS you:

  • missed opportunities to connect with suitable partners
  • wasted time chasing people who REJECT YOU or IGNORE you because of your profile mistakes
  • frustration and higher rejection levels
  • wasted money – wasted membership fees and stamps because you’re chasing people who aren’t genuinely compatible
  • trust and longevity – potentially meeting people who will NEVER again trust you after recognising you’ve been lying on your dating profile(s)

Don’t lose TIME and MONEY you’ll never get back by sending EMAILS that get ignored (aren’t responded to) and/or NEVER result in actual meetings – due to you saying the WRONG things, or saying the RIGHT things but in the wrong way – or using lazy photos.

Don’t let your profile sit amongst the other lemons – get advice and make your profile count.


“But I don’t want to meet someone my own age… I wan’t younger”! – The bane of online dating and disillusioned searching..

Yes, being older is a barrier to using a dating site. So is the mindset that you’re destined to fail.

Being negative is a profile-attraction killer. So is not making yourself stand out amongst the crowd, even if you feel you’re ‘average’ and seeking same.

It’s hard to show in a profile that you are NOT the same as most others your age.  Perhaps you have more charm, more fitness, more assets or more love to give. Perhaps you are a gem amongst gems. But you find that the ones YOU’d like to MEET, aren’t interested in someone in your age range. This is very common, and one of the reasons you should seek advice from a profile writing expert.

Advice from the Profile Writing Expert

OVERCOMING barriers to successful online dating: Style, Poise and Substance

The best way to overcome what you see are BARRIERS to meeting people you like is to:

  • Create an alluring profile
  • Include a variety of RECENT photos, several taken professionally
  • Write a creatively original “opening” spiel and email template
  • Use honesty with charm
  • Make sure you dress the part – don’t dress like a fuddy duddy or librarian matron if you want to attract someone with style, poise and substance

Overcoming AGE range limitations, HEIGHT criteria and WEIGHT or FITNESS barriers

What’s better than being dishonest about your age on a profile, or lying about your fitness levels and body weight?

  • It’s BETTER to have an HONEST profile and to initiate first contact with a prospect who’s criteria excludes you
  • Then to be SO CHARMING and clever that they can’t resist having a coffee
  • Then WOW them in person if you can

Better yet, it’s best to remain REALISTIC about other people’s parameters or desired criteria for a partner search

  • Don’t search for people whose criteria already excludes or rejects your honest descriptions
  • Instead, aim to search for people who WILL NOT pre-exclude you based on your current REAL biographical age, your height, weight, hairline and/or child-at-home-status.

What are the most COMMON mistakes people make on online dating site profiles?

Most Common Mistakes made on Online Dating Profiles on Tinder, Match, Eharmony, Bumble, RSVP, Plenty Of Fish and more.

The most COMMON mistakes made on Dating Profiles include:

  • not having good photos / using unflattering photos
  • only having one photo or not including a full body shot that is flattering
  • not having recent photos
  • lying about their age
  • not saying enough
  • being un-creative or too brief in their headlines, descriptions and usernames
  • being arrogant-sounding or too self-deprecating (there’s a balance!)
  • being rude or mentioning sex or intimacy (or perceived sexual skills in this department) in their dating profiles (usually a sign they are only interested in sex AND/OR very insecure)
  • showing a topless photo (typically men) or a photo of themselves at the gym (gym narcissism is a genuine turn off )
  • showing only high-athlete photos of running or cycling, or having travel photos, and zero real-life scenes

Contact me for the book link for SEARCH STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESSFUL DATING.

What makes for a great dating profile? Getting good advice is imperative for over 50s and over 60s.

  • It’s not easy to know how to present yourself in a great light, and even if you ARE a great writer
  • And let’s face it, most people AREN’T good at writing AND not accustomed to describing themselves attractively!
  • So having professional coaching and profile writing HELP – including photo reviews – can go a LONG WAY in improving your positive response rates

So get help before you become frustrated, despondent and even lonelier than when you started.

Plus read ALL of my helpful online dating for over 50s and over 60s tips blogs or make an enquiry for a profile review or photography assistance.


DATING PROFILE TIPS services and dating site reviews – profile success in waiting.

We can help in many ways – either by:

  • our online resources
  • digital downloads dating tips for online dating apps
  • reviews of top 10 dating sites for women and men over 50 or over 60
  • customised profile reviews
  • even personalised dating coaching in person or over the internet.


Is internet dating a waste of time? DOWN-THE-TOILET dating – the waste of precious paper (Digital and otherwise)?
  • If you’re failing, you’re also likely not up to date in wardrobe choices or hair styles and/or sexy-balding-looks
  • you’re simply NOT using the sites effectively or you have a poorly constructed profile and problematic PHOTO choices

Find out how to increase your dating profile views and YES response rates,

  • BEFORE you spend a lot of time, funds and effort on a poorly-working dating profile OR
  • Waste time trying to attract the wrong types of people in the worst possible way imaginable
  • Get the professional advice you need form our dating coaches and counsellors who are IN THE SAME AGE BRACKETS as you are, and who know the game of online love hunting

Is it gamey? Yes and No. It’s competitive, it’s brutal and it’s win or lose or somewhere in between.  But as with other endeavours in life, where thousands of other people are trying to gain the attention of the VERY SAME PEOPLE you would LOVE to meet, you need to learn how to play by RULES and TIPS for better success.

Online Dating over the internet can be extremely frustrating.  A number of people fail.

But it can also be very fruitful when you learn WHAT works.

And knowing WHAT doesn’t work helps a lot.

Otherwise, you will forever lose the interest of people you want to meet or get to know.

Originally published January 27, 2019.

Page last updated on January 26, 2019.

How Dating Sites Work – Free vs Paid for Memberships on Online Dating Sites

New or curious about online dating sites and how they work?

How most dating sites wor:k and profile set up information (general) – setting up a profile and using free vs paid online dating subscriptions.

Every dating site or app is different. Yet there are MANY similarities amongst dating sites that will help you if you’re new or curious about online dating.  The first thing to know is that an online dating site uses a DATABASE type of platform and algorithm, meaning a profile is a set of data that is used to match with other sets of data (other member profiles) for interests, appearance and lifestyle factors.

Dating site matching is scientifically driven in the sense it’s data and database driven. But most dating website algorithms and matching functions are far from perfect – and human behaviour in terms of online dating is far from rational or predictable.  Plus, if a site doesn’t have adequate members meeting your matching criteria, the algorithm may tell you “no matching criteria” or it might just lower the bar.

Free vs Paid for Dating Sites Subscriptions and Features

  • Most dating sites or dating apps offer FREE log-ins and FREE profiles.
  • Profiles WILL ask your age, and often other factors such as height, weight, hair colour/style, body shape or size, and a set number of lifestyle activities such as whether or not you smoke, drink, watch too much television or have fantasies about playing Russian Roulette..
  • Most DEMAND a photo and a legitimately-working email for validation and profile-building.
  • Photo often need to meets certain criteria (e.g., they MUST show your face/eyes, not be overly grainy or low in resolution, not have others or children in them and so on).
  • Validation of an email address is also required before being able to USE the profile (search your spam folders if needed).
  • A set list of criteria also needs to be filled in, such as whether or not you’d be happy dating someone who still wants children (or not) and whether or not you’ve finished a certain degree of schooling; what your religion and cultural preferences are (if any), and income ranges of people you’d like to date.

At which point, the person can SEARCH for matches – but not necessarily contact them for free.

Read the blog AGE FABRICATION – how many people lie about their age on dating profiles?

Lifehacker reviewed TINDER GOLD features and benefits – click here to see what they had to say.

  • Some sites SAY they’re free to use – and they are – but only to set up a profile not to actually contact or respond to others’ expressions of interest.
  • Remember – if it’s your first time setting up a profile, be sure you tick the box for SMS alerts (YES or NO) or EMAIL alerts (YES or NO) as otherwise you may have to be IN the app or ON the dating site to see any activity; that noted, if you’re using a work email, you might not want your daily matches showing up at your office desk computer or office phone.
  • Some APPS require PHONE ONLY use; others can be accessed through an APP on your phone, though an INTERNET BROWSER on your phone (Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome and similar – although some are glitchy with dating site formats) – OR on your COMPUTER/PC or TABLET.
  • Expect functionality and appearance of the site and menus to change depending on which DEVICE you’re using – not all devices or browsers work compatibly with dating software (and vice versus).

But added features – such as being able to make contact with other users or having filtering systems to enable profile weeding, cost extra.

Tired of seeing the same fish every time you’re on a dating site?

Send an enquiry to request information on unique cliche dating sites.


Average Registration Times for Top Dating Sites – Tinder, Match, Elite Singles, EHarmony, Bumble

  • Depending on the site, registration can take from a few minutes (allow at least 20 minutes to 30 minutes for most sites) to several hours spent filling in exhausting forms you’ll never know will come in useful (or not).
  • EHarmony is exhaustive and takes a very long time to fill in but says the algorithm matching is “worth it”.
  • Some sites let you skip the details but the more info you DO put in, the more closely the MATCH might become. Theoretically speaking, anyway.
  • Everyone questions algorithms at some stage, but according to an insider at Fairfax (who owns the dating website, RSVP), what people SAY they want – and what they CLICK on – are not as aligned as one might think.

Are the FREE dating sites worth it? Such as PLENTYOFFISH (POF)?
  • Many people enter the foray of online dating on a free site, such as the popular PlentyOfFish or Zoosk.
  • The more FREE users a site has, the more PROFILE WEEDING you’re going to need to do (and the more attractive and time-saving the PREMIUM feature memberships become).
  • But most online dating sites have FEE FOR CONTACT or a FEE FOR MEMBERSHIP.

Find out Dating Statistics for Tinder and other facts about online dating industry.

Recommended reading:

Online Dating Statistics and Number of Tinder Users

How many single people are using online dating?


How Many People Lie About Their Age on Dating Profiles?

Originally published on September 27 2019 by DoctorMyWeb.

Page last updated on January 20, 2020.

Have attitudes changed towards online dating and Tinder?

Have our attitudes changed towards online dating and using Tinder, even for over 50s and over 65s?

The answer is that the last 10 years saw major changes. But probably even more so in the last 3 to 5  years, when online dating went from being slightly stigmatised to a must-do endeavour for people seeking a new partner, lover or friend. In other words, in the last 3 years or so, online dating for ALL agees – went all-out mainstream.

They call it critical mass – it simply means when behaviours reach a level that social norms become altered for years or decades to come. And online dating has become widely accepted, and very minimally stigmatised, in the last few years.

In fact, if you’re single, over 50 or 65 and dating — but you’ve never been on an online dating site yourself — chances are you’re a bit of a dinosaur in terms of your personal views about online dating.

That’s because there’s no other option today that can bring you into contact with so many people of like minds and similar interests (e.g., potential partners) as online dating sites for over 50s and over 65s.

Critical Mass and Online Dating Site Statistics –

You can see the Tinder use trends (Tinder user statistics and search trends) in the graph below.

Source: Google Trends


Attitudes about dating apps and dating online -PEW Research Survey data.

5 facts about online dating

So as mentioned in my detailed description of dating advice for over 50s/over 60s  online dating trends and profile creation tips and templates, ,

More on dating acceptance and statistics.

Online Dating Statistics and Number of Tinder Users

How Dating Sites Work – Free vs Paid for Memberships on Online Dating Sites

How Many People Lie About Their Age on Dating Profiles?

Dating site reviews from consumers – coming soon!

Originally published on September 5, 2018.

Page last updated on January 27, 2020.

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Ready to Date after a Divorce or Bad Breakup?

Ready to Date after a Divorce or Bad Breakup? What NOT to do.

There are many situations leading to unexpected separations and/or loneliness after 5, 10, or 25 years of togetherness or marriage.

And I”m not implying these are mutually exclusive, although many marriages survive as much on partner separation as they do on togetherness.

Many of us, however, will go through either a bereavement-related loss, a mid-life breakup or a bad divorce somewhere in our 50s or 60s or 70s. In these scenarios, we may find ourselves exploring potential re-partnering and wondering where and when to start.

FIND THE REST OF THIS BLOG at the link below (the profile-dating website):

How soon should people DATE after a divorce or breakup?



My BOOK highlights three optimal ‘frames of mind’ required for my two best midlife dating objective recommendations:

(a) maximising positive interactions with potential mid-life partners, and

(b) minimising further damage to one’s self-esteem.

Read more in the next blog post or send an email to purchase the LOVE HUNTERS GUIDE TO MIDLIFE RELATIONSHIPS AND ONLINE DATING.

Connie M, MHST, Author

More about me and how I help people over 50, over 60 and in their sexy 70s find love.

Page last updated January 21, 2020.

How Many People Can You Meet Online on Dating Sites?

The Dating Game and Numbers: Just How Many People Can You Meet Online with a really good dating profile?

I often talk about how important it is to allow adequate time to use a dating site or dating app, such as Tinder, Match, POF and others. And not all sites are equal, but I’ cover that in detail in my book chapters The Love Seekers Guide to Online Dating and Scams: Dating Over 45 and Dating Over 50, 65 and 70.

How many views or clicks or swipes a day does a successful dating profile attract?

Average Numbers of Views, Swipes and Interest/Meet Me clicks or Kisses for a good dating profile.

  • The right profile – the right images and good descriptions – should attract at least 50 views a day, per day, repeatedly for the first few weeks.
  • This peak often relates to a new profile going up – and users searching for NEW faces, rather than the often-repeats who are failing at online dating due to poor profiles, awful photographs and poor search strategies, then it may potentially drop to about 20 a day.
  • If you failed, contact me for the TIPS guide (send an enquiry on the contact page) as to how to revamp your profile and start again.
  • Some top rating profiles which I helped create attracted over 100 views a day, with at least 20 to 40 clicks expressing interest in the dating profiles individual.
  • Example: Day 1 – over 100 views and 24 emails; Day 2 – over 110 views and over 27 emails (sometimes the DATING SITE or DATING APP puts a trending profile in everyone’s INBOX, especially if you pay for their premium services OR you are getting a lot of clicks.
  • Within 3 days, a good profile with good, recent photographs – should theoretically attract at least 30 views a day, repeatedly, and at least 2 to 5 contact emails or Mutual MEET ME indications PER day.

If, however, you have POOR photos, are very out of shape and haven’t hit the gym yet, say very little in your profile AND/OR have awful photographs on your profile page (you with a fish, you in a bathtub or without a shirt on staring at your gym mirror flexing your biceps, you very fuzzily or hiding your face) you will NOT win at these dating numbers odds.

Tick Boxes and Dating Profiles – Does being specific work?

Yes, being specific is important and one of the tenets of my book and dating coaching programs and workshops. Because you don’t JUST want anybody, you want someone you can live with, a ‘lover who won’t drive you crazy’ kind of person as the song goes. And as you approach your later years, you may become more tolerant of others foibles – sure, miracles can happen. But most likely, you’re becoming fussier and pickier as you age – not less so. (Of course, this does vary, some people just want a warm body next to them at night – and will take nearly anything. But the savvy daters who have a lot going for them, they are VERY, VERY fussy about who they want to talk with and meet and potentially partner with for the rest of their lives). As they should be – as all of us should be.

Specific Search Strategies for Online Dating – Tips and Scam Avoidance

Let’s face it – it’s a numbers game because if you’re like most people trying to date after 45, after 50 or after 60 and after 65 or 70, you are looking for a very specific person; one who may or may not exist, but in all likelihood, how you SEARCH for them is going to impact greatly on your chances of finding them.

But you’re also needing to avoid online dating scams, not waste too much time and energy or coffee and dinner money at this stage of life (it is, however, an investment of sorts as divorce costs a lot more than a few dinners with the wrong person OR a missed opportunity for love with the right person, just because you’re wanting to be cheap on dinner outings).


Why you have to be on online dating sites to meet people: Dating Statistics


If the stats above suit a well-structured, well written profile with great pics, then you can expect to have:

  • At least 200 people viewing your profile per week (I can’t vouch for how many will READ it versus look at the photos, and this may vary from person to person and gender to gender)..
  • You’ll have at least 20 people writing to you each week – making the first contact (this may depend on what your dating app requires to make contact, e,g. it might be just a swipe right or an expression of interest or mutual interest.
  • Depending on your social skills. including manners and presentation, you’ll likely have an opportunity to TALK with – or MEET – at least 3 of those either by phone, coffee or drinks.
  • So over a one month period, you should theoretically be able to meet or talk with at least 12 similarly minded individuals with some common interests or lifestyle factors.

Where else can you meet 12 individuals, potentially suitable for partnering, in one month?

  • The answer: No where.
  • And that’s why you NEED to be on online dating sites or using dating apps after the age of 45, after 50, after 60 and after 65 or 70, if you have any hope of finding a suitable partner.

BUT just using the apps isn’t enough.

  • The majority of men and women over 45 and especially over 50, over 60/65 and over 70 – FAIL to attract a suitable partner with mutual affinity and compatible lifestyles.
  • They become frustrated, disappointed and angry,
  • They often leave the platform or dating app/online dating site they’ve chosen TOO soon, with their head hung low, and sadness in their heart.

Because they are getting it wrong.

How to write a great profile – and why your pictures and photographs count for at least 75% of your success rate with most other users.

Find out WHY in my book,, send a contact and stay up to date on tips for dating and avoiding online romance scams and suspect profiles.


Read why you shouldn’t lie about your age on your profile.

Online Dating Statistics across the globe

Back to our best DATING AFTER 45, AFTER 50 and AFTER 65 or 70 Dating Tips blogs.


Ready to Date? Take the Quiz

So…you’re single and looking for love over 50. Or maybe you’re over 60, or over 70, and suddenly on your own. How do you know if you’re even READY to try online dating, yet alone have success in finding a good partner you actually want to spend your remaining time with?  This handy QUIZ will assess your readiness to try online dating sites to search for friends, a potential romantic relationship or “lifelong” partner. (And at this stage of life, life long can mean very different things.)

QUIZ for online dating preparedness.

Are you ready to date? Online Dating Quiz

(c) 2018 – all rights reserved by Dating Profile Tips.

1. You really DO know yourself well.

YES ____  (3 pts)  NO ____ (-2 pt)

It’s amazing how many people are not self-aware.  Whilst there’s no one way to know if you actually ARE self-aware or not, these activities tend to reveal a self-aware individual. Give yourself 1 point for each AFFIRMATIVE response and take away 1 point for each one you answer NO to.

  • You know why your prior relationships did not last beyond a certain time OR why they ended (you’re not at a loss to explain what actually went wrong AND your contribution to the relationship breakdown)..
  • You have had therapy or professional counselling for a minimum of 6 sessions over your lifetime.
  • You journal frequently or write about your emotions.
  • You have a confidante who agrees you are self-aware and they are able to share their insights with you about your behaviour in a way you don’t become defensive. (They may or not be correct but at least you’re listening/reflecting).
  • You control your anger and are not temperamental or quickly reactive.
  • You have a responsibility mentality – understanding what you can change or not change – and you do NOT have a victim mentality (why me, poor me, it’d all be great except for so and so – that kind of thinking)..

2. Your PAST is in the PAST and you’re not feeling like a “victim” to an unwanted break up, bereavement or divorce.

YES ____  (3 pts)  NO ____ (-3 pt)

  • You have no animosity towards your ex partner OR at least feel accepting and ready to move on.
  • You can talk calmly and/or positively about your past relationships and/or break ups.
  • If you are recently bereaved, you have healed most of the acute grief AND/OR are very, very self-aware. (There’s no such thing as too soon; every person is unique in grief responses and every bereavement is unique – use your judgment but do speak with a professional counsellor or grief counsellor – for at least several sessions – if you feel unsteady on your feet).
  • You are not crying every few days or every few hours – or if you are, it’s brief and in the company of a trusted friend or therapist.
  • You and your ex aren’t at war or arguing about child custody and/or financial settlements (not a great time to date).


3. You are actually free and single to date.

YES ____  (2 pts)  NO ____ (-2 pt)

  • Honesty is the #3 tenet of successful online dating (the #1 tenet is patience).
  • If you’re in a relationship and looking for something on the side, you’ll be doing yourself and your prospective partners a disservice.
  • If you’re wanting an on-the-side fling, don’t use online dating. Instead, go to a club and wear your ring, announce you are married and looking for love.


4. You know what you’re looking for and what WILL and WON’T work for your lifestyle – but with realism and flexibility.

YES ____  (2 pts)  NO ____ (-3 pt)

  • Of all the time wasters on online dating sites, this one is all about NOT only NOT KNOWING yourself, but not knowing what you’re looking for.
  • If you know you want someone whose children are out of the house or at least independent, then you need to clearly use this in your searching strategy. On the other hand, if you know you need someone who is either a professional like yourself OR a retired person like yourself, be sure you state this clearly – because each of these has different time availability and lifestyle demands – a mismatch here can ruin even the best of compatible relationships.
  • Don’t expect to get a 35-45 year old supermodel if you’re slovenly and out of shape. Be realistic about what you CAN attract – and go about it in a strategic way so that you do not fail repeatedly at attracting a partner you’ll be happy with during a relationship (strategies are covered in detail in The Love Hunters Guide books).
  • It can take some time to know what you’re looking for – but if you follow the advice in the book “The Love Hunters Guide to online dating,” you’ll be much more prepared for the right search strategy so you waste less time – and money – meeting unlikely-to-stick potential partners.


5. You have had FASHION or WARDROBE advice and have some new wardrobe items you feel great in = and your kids and younger associates AGREE that those outfits ‘look good enough to wear on dates’ and in your dating profile photographs.

YES ____  (3 pts)  NO ____ (-4 pt)

  • Humans are very visual creators (most of us, anyway).  Hence, your presentation is more important to online dating success than you might think.
  • How you dress DOES matter – especially in photographs and on the first several dates.
  • Most people need some help in this area – and some people need a LOT of help in this area.
  • Don’t be ashamed to seek professional WARDROBE advice, if even from your children or a close friend who’s at least 10 to 20 years younger than yourself. (Why? Because some of us over 50s and over 60s still dress similarly to how we did in the 1970s – we get stuck in a look, and the LOOK gets stuck on us – it doesn’t attract more fashion conscious professionals.


6. You have had PHOTOGRAPHY advice and professional coaching on which photographs to use and which ones NOT to use’.

YES ____  (4 pts)  NO ____ (-4 pt)

  • Your choice of photographs is ALSO crucial to success; but using any photos over 18 months old if you’re over 50 is a NO NO.
  • A professional photo shoot by the right type of photographer is recommended; however, using heavily photoshopped photos is a NO NO.
  • If you’re over 60 or over 70, using ANY photos taken prior to 6 months ago is a NO-NO. (Sorry to break the news to you, but there is ZERO possibility you look identical to how you looked 2 years ago, or even a year ago for that matter. Ageing accelerates in our fifties, sixties, sexy seventies and beyond.  Get real and you’ll have a more realistic chance at being successful in your online dating search-and-find tactics.
  • Using poor photos is a NO-NO – bathroom selfies and so forth.
  • You definitely need at least one and ideally 2 full body shots PLUS at least 3 closer-in face photos with a mix of front and side angles.. Yes, soft lighting is fine – but don’t photoshop out those wrinkles and whatever you do, don’t use an older photo.
  • Avoid the standard photography mistakes in online dating profiles (you by the car, motorbike, on your bicycle or at the gym).  Yes, one or two photos of activities is fine – but overdo it and you’ll lose some quality prospective partners.
  • Get professional help or selection advice (it doesn’t cost a fortune and you’ll save that easily in fewer rejections and more honest selections from both sides of the swipe).


7. You are positive in your mindset, and you are fit and healthy AND/OR you are very open in your profile about any unique conditions you have, including your weight, height and body type.

YES ____  (4 pts)  NO ____ (-3 pt)

  • You care about your physical appearance.
  • You care about your health and weight OR are very open about NOT CARING about your health or weight.
  • Caring about your appearance is not about vanity, its actually a sign of having positive self-regard and a healthy state of mind.
  • It’s okay if you’re a bit overweight but be honest in your profile and show that in your photos.
  • If you’re very overweight, or obese, chances are high that you may be using food as a comforting component rather than facing up to losses and disappointments in your life.
  • If you feel you might be an emotional eater, counselling and fitness advice could be very helpful to get you to a healthier place – physically and emotionally – for online dating..

QUIZ interpretation (C 2018 – all rights reserved)

Points/Scoring about preparedness to embark on Online Dating in a successful way::

16 to 20 points – very prepared for online dating. But even so, be sure you have read about:
  • Proper search strategies vs ineffective ones
  • Creative appeal in profile creation
  • The importance of full honesty in your profile writing.
12 to 15 points – you are somewhat prepared but would benefit from tweaking a few items as above.
  • Be sure you work on proper healing from your past AND/OR
  • Work on your wardrobe, presentation and photographs
  • Ask for advice from trusted friends, colleagues, kids and/or counsellors about HOW to better prepare yourself for online dating – and what you need to work on most (is it healing from the past? Or getting your wardrobe and photographs in order)?
9-11 points – you are not quite ready for online dating but you’re nearly ready
  • With the right advice and a bit of assistance, you may have some success OR
  • At least you’re nearly ready to learn the ropes of online dating profiles and online dating meet-and-greets for your age group/demographic.
8 points or less – get some assistance and give it a bit more time
  • If you score less than 8 points on this test, you’re likely not READY for online dating – at least, not yet.
  • You would simply be wasting your time, your money and your remaining sanity on online dating sites.
  • Instead of online dating sites, get some professional counselling and give it more time,.
  • Get in good shape (get healthier) physically, socially and emotionally.
  • Start going to the gym – work on hobbies, self-awareness, build your friendship circle and work on inner healing.
  • Do some self-exploration and self-development courses.
  • Read more books on grief, healing, change and self-development.
  • Try Journalling or a creative pursuit to express your emotions or grief.
  • Join MEET-UPS in areas of life you enjoy, devote more time to a favourite hobby, and work on your social skills and presentation style.

Back to the best blogs for online dating for over 50s, over 60s and over 70s.

Or get in touch for some private coaching via Skype, Facetime, ZOOM or by phone!

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How Many People Lie About Their Age on Dating Profiles?


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Online Dating Statistics and Number of Tinder Users

Online Dating Statistics and Tinder User Numbers

This blog contains summaries of online dating statistics and dating app pricing including Tinder user numbers and average costs of some of the best-rated online dating sites (according to reviews).

One of the biggest questions about online dating statistics relates to the numbers of users on popular online dating sites. Just how many users DO these top 10 dating sites have? This ONLINE DATING tips blog includes resource links for validated and estimated online dating statistics resources for Online Dating Facts and Statistics.

  • But remember, it is in EVERY dating site’s interest to report high numbers of members or dating app users. 
  • So take ALL statistical data with a grain of salt as – similar to online dating profiles – company execs may have told the truth attractively.
  • Plus, there’s really no valid data on how many USERS create more than one profile on the same site.
  • Let’s wildly estimate that the number of duplicate profiles on one site – the same person, but with a different user name and differently worded profile – is at least 10% of users, if not far greater,
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Number of people using Tinder and other online dating sites and dating apps: Statistics & Facts



Dating via the internet – thanks to the growing number of users across a wide age range – is still growing.

Statistics about online dating queries indicate countries with significant RECENT dating-app/dating site ADOPTION activity – and high online dating search trends) – for ‘online dating’ include:

  • Philippines
  • South Africa
  • Pakistan
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • India
  • Austria

TINDER – the most popular dating app from what we’ve seen – predominantly has the LARGEST user base and brand recognition, with many new users bypassing evaluating other apps and sites and heading straight for Tinder – making it one of the highest grossing apps around (more stats and facts on Tinder, below).

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The Online Dating Industry generates over $2 billion dollars a year, and shows no signs of slowing down (Business news).

Tinder’s income has skyrocketed and it’s the most profitable APP according to Business Insider news.

  • At the time of this post (September 2018), the online dating industry comprises a $2 billion dollar, fast growing sector of business.
  • The Top 10 Dating Websites include well-recognised brand names such as Tinder, Bumble, Match, Zoosk, RSVP, PlentyofFish and Elite Singles as well as niche dating markets for over 50s and over 60s and over 70s such as SilverSingles.
  • Every day, new players enter the market (in terms of NEW USERS and NEW ONLINE DATING APPS).
  • New and existing APPS also aim to increase revenues by adding NEW features for searching, filtering and finding.
  • Most users find themselves on multiple sites, sometimes seeing many of the same people over and over again, and never finding a match.
  • As in my other top tips for over-50s dating blogs, it’s often because users don’t know the basics of successful dating profiles, search strategies and profile photography rules.
  • Quite as often, it’s because online dating – done properly – takes time, money, innovation, creative story-telling and a solid sense of self = but also a high degree of patience – something few of us still have.
  • And a sense of humour and humility is mandatory, not necessarily in that order. You WILL get rejected – a lot – if you’re reaching out (and being honest).
  • But you WILL also have a chance at finding love – or at least friendship and someone to date. Not everyone will, but most will, if you follow know WHAT YOU WANT, what to look for, what you’ll accept and not accept in a partner – and how to SEARCH BEST for what you’re wanting.



Tinder User Statistics & Online Dating Statistics, Facts and Figures (Dating Site User Numbers, costs and prices)

Even free dating websites can cost you a lot of money to use it in a way that optimises your chances for success.

  • Tinder claims to have 50 million daily users who swipe over 1 billion times a day.   Click here to find out what that means in terms of mutually-matched swipe statistics.
  • Tinder CLAIMS that 15% of Australian’s population use their app; on a population of 35 million that’d be approximately 5 million people.
  • If 18% of Australians report paying for using online dating services or paying average dating site subscription fees, it ends up being about $80.7 million each year in terms of income going to dating sites/match making technology.
  • TINDER is FREE to create an online profile AND to contact others – but only to a certain point.
  • Premium services on Tinder can range in price from around $6.00 USD ($9.99 AUD) to pover $30 USD.
  • Options that enable MORE FEATURES include special software to allow for FILTERING, FINGER TROUBLE FIXING or ADDITIONAL CONTACT options (such as unlimited contact with mutually matching members).
  • The BOOST feature, for example, can get you more attention for a period of 30 minutes..
  • Online dating is a lot like gambling. In fact, it IS a gamble – but unlike other forms of gambling, your rate of WIN – if you play your cards right so to speak (and pardon the pun) – is far higher than that of winning a lottery or scratch-off game card.
What you pay extra for on Tinder when you buy GOLD or other premier levels of user subscriptions::
  • unlimited swipes (able to contact or reject MORE users than ever),
  • global user access (taking geographical desirability vs undesirability to a whole new level),
  • finger trouble fixing (being able to rewind your last swipe)


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How many single people are using online dating?

How many single people are using online dating? Or more specifically, how many single people over 50 are using the top 10 online dating sites?

The answer to how many people use online dating sites to connect with others – either for a quick hook up, dating, friendship or a serious relationship like marriage – is – a LOT! We’re talking MILLIONS of people, with online dating now the GO TO method for meeting potential partners, nearby friends and temporary flings.

How much time and money do people spend on online dating sites?

  • We’re talking HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of users
  • We’re talking about these users spending up to $2 billion a year and increasing annually

Scroll down for Tinder statistics or online dating statistics but if you’re serious about wanting a partner, read this blog in detail.

dating-statistics-online-dating-apps - how many people use dating apps or online dating sites?

Online Dating Statistics: Hundreds of millions of dating app or online dating site users spend over $2 billion a year.

First, that’s a lot of money, and secondly, that’s a lot of users.

How many people are successful with online dating (marriage, relationships and hook-ups)?

There’s a bit of debate on how many people have success with online dating vs meeting organically. Either way, it’s a great tool for finding someone seemingly compatible (remember, no one is likely to be perfectly compatible, but don’t rush to settle for someone who’s incredibly far off from who you’d like to meet – unless, of course, you’re deluding yourself about what you can attract.

Getting online dating RIGHT and finding a good match
  • And how many of these dating app or online dating site users are getting it right?
  • Probably not as many as COULD be getting it right and finding what they’re looking for (or a suitable version thereof).
  • Because so many people are getting their online dating profiles and online search strategies WRONG.

But what this tells you is GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS.

First, the bad news. It tells you that it IS a numbers game in the sense it will take you awhile to weed through people in your age range (but as you get older, the weeding becomes less -there is usually less to choose from, while we’re all a lot fussier as we age – and often, there’s more women to men in terms of male-to-female ratios of online dating – and a growing online population of same-sex dating site users because people now recognise ALL people love who they love, and no one should control that (certainly no government should ever be allowed to dictate who you can sleep with or love),

But I divert.  .

Next, the GOOD news. There’s a lot of choice out there.
Which brings me to the GOOD/BAD news – because there is a LOT of choice, it’s easy to get on the ‘next, next, next’ yo yo of serial monogamy or endless dating – without commitment or longevity.

And if that’s what you’re looking for, great – just be clear to yourself and others you meet that you’re not actually in the market for a full-time or rest-of-life long relationship.

Again, honesty in your profile – starting with honesty with yourself – is the CRUX and #1 rule of online dating.


But if you’re a TOGETHER person with limited baggage, you’ll have a lot of choices and it can readily turn into an endless line of dates and no relationships.  So you DO need to know what you’re looking for, and how to search for it, which is in the book THE LOVE HUNTERS GUIDE to online dating and mid-life love.

Read the blog about why age honesty is so important – and why lying about age on dating profiles and age fabrication is a major NO-NO for successful online dating, no matter what your excuse.

But in terms of numbers of users on dating sites and dating apps – Let’s talk Tinder first vs Match or Tinder vs Bumble vs Elite Singles –

  • Tinder is used around the world in over 40 languages (no small feat for a dating app or an app of any kind)
  • Has a teen function limited to teens
  • Monthly number of TINDER users are estimated to be 50 million people.
  • Of the 50 million, there are 12 million matches per day
  • Swipe right means interested, swipe left means not interested

Biggest question on Tinder Apps:  How many swipes before a match?

How many profiles must a person wade through, on average, to find a good dating prospect or mutual match?

This is what most people fail to understand and why KEY problems with online dating apps or dating sites are rejection, frustration and lack of patience.

Let’s use Tinder dating as an example.

  • Tinder – Swipes per day to get 12 million matches = 1 billion.
  • That’s a LOT of “I like him or her but they don’t like me, or they like me but I don’t like them” SWIPE LEFT(S).

Tinder Wrist Action: Swipe Left or Right?



Mutual Matches on Tinder (Swipe Right) before a meeting occurs (online match only, no guarantee) – 12 million of 50 million actions. That’s a LOT of wrist action!

So what does that tell you as a midlife online dating site user?

  • It tells you there’s a lot of profile weeding going on.
  • There’s probably also a lot of laziness, potentially mismatched expectations and badly written profiles or horrendous online dating profile photos.

But the main thing it reminds you of IS two key things – good and bad:

  1. There’s a lot of people you might match with in a large city (this greatly depends on your location and other social-demographics.
    • If you live in a very small town or very far from a major city, your prospects will be minimal to none.
    • If you’re serious about dating, then you’ll typically either need to relocate a loved one to where you live (tricky at the best of times) OR lower your dating criteria to what’s actually around.
    • Both are not ideal scenarios, but you can learn more in my book, The Love Hunters Guide to Midlife Dating, about how to overcome tricky demographics such as geographical quasi-isolation.
  2. You’ve got to be prepared for playing a numbers game – and that means surviving a lot of rejection, but being savvy enough to not waste so much time on the wrong profiles – especially YOURS.
    • If you get your profile wrong – especially your photos or lying about your age – you’re not doing yourself or your prospective partners any favours.
    • Even free sites are very costly in terms of TIME – and we all know online dating is very time consuming.

Online Dating Drawbacks

Here at DATING PROFILE TIPS, from the author of the Love Seekers Guide, we believe these numbers and online dating facts/statistics CLEARLY reveal some of Tinder’s drawbacks – which happen to be similar across MOST online dating sites.:

The DRAWBACKS of online dating sites such as Tinder include:

  • people swiping on people they’d have NO hope off attracting
  • people swiping without delving deeper into other photos or profiles (something Bumble appears to have handled better)
  • finger trouble – people accidentally swiping left vs right when they meant to do the reverse (fortunately there’s an UNDO feature now)
  • limited use unless you purchase the premium functionality

Indeed, one of the biggest time wasters on online dating sites and dating apps is that some people are swiping quickly – or send a kiss, stamp, message or flirty wink – without really looking deeper/reading the person’s bio.

And YES, I’m all for recognising that physical attraction is a huge component of finding a suitable match, but it’s not the be all/end all once you’re over 50 or over 60, 70 and beyond. Why is that?

Because we often get PICKIER or FUSSIER as we age, not less so. We tolerate less and we want more. The trouble is, there are also often fewer matches that really suit us BECAUSE

But the upside is, there are a LOT of people to choose from, and if you’re patient, search-savvy and realistic in your expectations, you might just find a Gem. Many people do. So read the rest of my most popular online dating forums and blogs for people over 50 and get in touch if I can help you with a template re-write or online dating coaching.



Suitable matches and unlimited choices on Online Dating Sites and Dating Apps

Tinder, RSVP, Match and Elite Singles or Silver Singles have millions of users. How do you wade through the crap?

Of 12 million matches per day on Tinder, the number of Tinder users collectively made around 1 billion swipes per day. Let’s do the maths.

The “hit” or match rate on Tinder is 12 million/1 billion swipes.  12,000,000/1,000,000,000.

Maths were never my strong suite, but that’s 12 in 1000.

So you’ll need to be patient, savvy and stay calm, focused and non-rushed.

You’ll need to pre-determine WHAT you’re really wanting in terms of a relationship at this stage of life – and WHO or WHAT TYPE of person you’re wanting it with.  Before all that, you’ll have to think of WHERE – and how FAR you’ll travel to or move – for the right person.

Send an enquiry to get the MJST HAVE/MUST NOT HAVE check list for contemplation.

Or request an online SKYPE, ZOOM or FACETIME coaching session.

Next blog: the WHO, WHAT and WHERE.




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Top 10 Dating Sites

Top 10 Dating Sites Online – Dating Profile Tips

Online dating sites are forever evolving, and no doubt you’ll see the same faces across many different websites. When it comes to FREE ONLINE dating sites, such as PLENTYOFFISH, TINDER and others, you typically get what you pay for – less control and a lot of weeding to find the profiles that suit you best. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on those top free dating sites as well as your favourite paid-for online dating sites such as RSVP, BUMBLE, B2B, and soon to be, Facebook Dating Pages.  Plus, even the FREE online dating profile sites offer elite online dating FILTERING services or premium subscriptions.

How many dating sites should a person be on?

  • It’s usually helpful to be on at least two (2) DATING WEBSITES, but choose these carefully.
  • Any more than two dating site profiles, and you’re likely diluting your energy and your e-energy.

But online dating can get very expensive, very quickly – especially if you’re making a lot of mistakes with WHO you’re contacting and HOW you’re contacting them.

Read our top rated BLOGS on dating profile tips.

Dating Site Statistics and facts, pricing and costs

That’s why I advise everyone to read my e-book, Love Seekers Guide to finding online love, partnership and romance after the age of 50 – so that you know how to avoid the common traps and pitfalls of online dating in your middle to later years.

Send an enquiry on our contacts page to request information on getting your copy (only $10.95 via ebook format).


Top 10 Dating Sites online – Reviews and Rankings (1-10)

Elite Singles

Silver Singles




Academic Singles

…want the next 3 of the TOP 10 best dating apps or dating websites for over 50s and over 60s and beyond?

Send us your email and we’ll send you the full list along with dating tips and a FREE profile template!

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How Many People Lie About Their Age on Dating Profiles?

How many people lie about their age on dating profiles and dating sites?

The answer, sadly, is a LOT – especially for over 50s, over 60s and beyond.

We believe lying about your age is one of the BIGGEST NO NOs of Online Dating Success.

Why do people lie about their age online?

Here are the excuses we’ve heard for why people lie about their age online – and why we’re not buying them – and we’re not alone.

  • 80% to 90% of online daters we interviewed said they would never trust a potential partner that lied about their age on an online dating profile, even if they fessed up early.
  • Most people who are dating online round up in increments of 5 to 10 years – it’s easy to guess a lie when the person discusses when they were in school, favourite television shows when they were children, and the ages of their children or grand children.

Read more dating tips on our top dating tips and dating site blog!

Common Excuses for Lying about Age on a Dating Profile –

The first excuse is, “well – I’m very young for my age.”
  • The truth: everyone thinks this, but even if you are young for your age, you’re still your age – and believe me, age matters to a lot of people.
  • But honesty matters more than age.
Think that “age is just a number?:” Think again!
  • Age IS actually more than a number – it’s a lifelong point of reference that has a huge impact on your influences and your upbringing, from how genders are seen and treated to your politics to your eating, drinking and sexual habits..
  • If you feel everyone your age is “too old for you” – imagine what a much YOUNGER person you’re trying to attract, feels about YOUR AGE.
  • Face the truth and stick as close to your age group as possible but whatever you do, don’t lie.
The second excuse is, “well – everybody does it so I’d be at a disadvantage if I didn’t lie about my age.”

The truth is that NOT EVERYONE does it, and you’ll be at a huge disadvantage if your prospective partner – someone you really like – finds out you’ve been dishonest in your profile or ever for several weeks or years.

You’ll have an advantage if you tell the truth, and make contact with a killer profile that resonates with the person you want to be with, than by pretending to be what you’re not.


Ready to Date? Take the Quiz

The third excuse is, “I need to date younger, I’m just not attracted to anyone my own age. They all look OLD!”

The truth is, that YOU look about the same age as your peers. You may not want to admit it, but you do – maybe a bit better, maybe a bit younger or fitter – but it’s highly unlikely you’d be mistaken for a man or woman 10 years younger, even if your friends all tell you that. And even if you could be, it’s a greater advantage to be honest about age – and know that the compliments about looking younger are real from people you meet – than to be dishonest and risk a budding relationship founded on a lie.

Relationships founded on a lie are unsustainable.

So be truthful about your age on your profile.

Honesty on dating profiles is the #3 Rule of Being Successful. No lies, no excuses.

Read more dating tips on our top dating tips and dating site blog.

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contact us for SOUND advice about how to make a profile that attracts.

Recommended reading on age deception (age fabrication).


Tall tales or tall dating? Is there such a thing?



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