Why LYING on your Dating Profile is a NO NO

Lying on Your Profiles: Why dishonesty on your dating site profile is a definite NO.

Is it okay to lie about your age, weight or height on a dating profile? The answer is a definitive NO. Why is not OKAY to lie

The primary reason people lie about their age, weight or height on a profile?  It’s because they don’t want to admit who they are at this stage of life. They are not wanting to be realistic.

Another key reason people lie on profile  to try to meet people they want to meet, but who have

Mistakes and LYING on your online dating profile costS you:

  • missed opportunities to connect with suitable partners
  • wasted time chasing people who REJECT YOU or IGNORE you because of your profile mistakes
  • frustration and higher rejection levels
  • wasted money – wasted membership fees and stamps because you’re chasing people who aren’t genuinely compatible
  • trust and longevity – potentially meeting people who will NEVER again trust you after recognising you’ve been lying on your dating profile(s)

Don’t lose TIME and MONEY you’ll never get back by sending EMAILS that get ignored (aren’t responded to) and/or NEVER result in actual meetings – due to you saying the WRONG things, or saying the RIGHT things but in the wrong way – or using lazy photos.

Don’t let your profile sit amongst the other lemons – get advice and make your profile count.


“But I don’t want to meet someone my own age… I wan’t younger”! – The bane of online dating and disillusioned searching..

Yes, being older is a barrier to using a dating site. So is the mindset that you’re destined to fail.

Being negative is a profile-attraction killer. So is not making yourself stand out amongst the crowd, even if you feel you’re ‘average’ and seeking same.

It’s hard to show in a profile that you are NOT the same as most others your age.  Perhaps you have more charm, more fitness, more assets or more love to give. Perhaps you are a gem amongst gems. But you find that the ones YOU’d like to MEET, aren’t interested in someone in your age range. This is very common, and one of the reasons you should seek advice from a profile writing expert.

Advice from the Profile Writing Expert

OVERCOMING barriers to successful online dating: Style, Poise and Substance

The best way to overcome what you see are BARRIERS to meeting people you like is to:

  • Create an alluring profile
  • Include a variety of RECENT photos, several taken professionally
  • Write a creatively original “opening” spiel and email template
  • Use honesty with charm
  • Make sure you dress the part – don’t dress like a fuddy duddy or librarian matron if you want to attract someone with style, poise and substance

Overcoming AGE range limitations, HEIGHT criteria and WEIGHT or FITNESS barriers

What’s better than being dishonest about your age on a profile, or lying about your fitness levels and body weight?

  • It’s BETTER to have an HONEST profile and to initiate first contact with a prospect who’s criteria excludes you
  • Then to be SO CHARMING and clever that they can’t resist having a coffee
  • Then WOW them in person if you can

Better yet, it’s best to remain REALISTIC about other people’s parameters or desired criteria for a partner search

  • Don’t search for people whose criteria already excludes or rejects your honest descriptions
  • Instead, aim to search for people who WILL NOT pre-exclude you based on your current REAL biographical age, your height, weight, hairline and/or child-at-home-status.

What are the most COMMON mistakes people make on online dating site profiles?

Most Common Mistakes made on Online Dating Profiles on Tinder, Match, Eharmony, Bumble, RSVP, Plenty Of Fish and more.

The most COMMON mistakes made on Dating Profiles include:

  • not having good photos / using unflattering photos
  • only having one photo or not including a full body shot that is flattering
  • not having recent photos
  • lying about their age
  • not saying enough
  • being un-creative or too brief in their headlines, descriptions and usernames
  • being arrogant-sounding or too self-deprecating (there’s a balance!)
  • being rude or mentioning sex or intimacy (or perceived sexual skills in this department) in their dating profiles (usually a sign they are only interested in sex AND/OR very insecure)
  • showing a topless photo (typically men) or a photo of themselves at the gym (gym narcissism is a genuine turn off )
  • showing only high-athlete photos of running or cycling, or having travel photos, and zero real-life scenes

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What makes for a great dating profile? Getting good advice is imperative for over 50s and over 60s.

  • It’s not easy to know how to present yourself in a great light, and even if you ARE a great writer
  • And let’s face it, most people AREN’T good at writing AND not accustomed to describing themselves attractively!
  • So having professional coaching and profile writing HELP – including photo reviews – can go a LONG WAY in improving your positive response rates

So get help before you become frustrated, despondent and even lonelier than when you started.

Plus read ALL of my helpful online dating for over 50s and over 60s tips blogs or make an enquiry for a profile review or photography assistance.


DATING PROFILE TIPS services and dating site reviews – profile success in waiting.

We can help in many ways – either by:

  • our online resources
  • digital downloads dating tips for online dating apps
  • reviews of top 10 dating sites for women and men over 50 or over 60
  • customised profile reviews
  • even personalised dating coaching in person or over the internet.


Is internet dating a waste of time? DOWN-THE-TOILET dating – the waste of precious paper (Digital and otherwise)?
  • If you’re failing, you’re also likely not up to date in wardrobe choices or hair styles and/or sexy-balding-looks
  • you’re simply NOT using the sites effectively or you have a poorly constructed profile and problematic PHOTO choices

Find out how to increase your dating profile views and YES response rates,

  • BEFORE you spend a lot of time, funds and effort on a poorly-working dating profile OR
  • Waste time trying to attract the wrong types of people in the worst possible way imaginable
  • Get the professional advice you need form our dating coaches and counsellors who are IN THE SAME AGE BRACKETS as you are, and who know the game of online love hunting

Is it gamey? Yes and No. It’s competitive, it’s brutal and it’s win or lose or somewhere in between.  But as with other endeavours in life, where thousands of other people are trying to gain the attention of the VERY SAME PEOPLE you would LOVE to meet, you need to learn how to play by RULES and TIPS for better success.

Online Dating over the internet can be extremely frustrating.  A number of people fail.

But it can also be very fruitful when you learn WHAT works.

And knowing WHAT doesn’t work helps a lot.

Otherwise, you will forever lose the interest of people you want to meet or get to know.

Originally published January 27, 2019.

Page last updated on January 26, 2019.

How Many People Lie About Their Age on Dating Profiles?

How many people lie about their age on dating profiles and dating sites?

The answer, sadly, is a LOT – especially for over 50s, over 60s and beyond.

We believe lying about your age is one of the BIGGEST NO NOs of Online Dating Success.

Why do people lie about their age online?

Here are the excuses we’ve heard for why people lie about their age online – and why we’re not buying them – and we’re not alone.

  • 80% to 90% of online daters we interviewed said they would never trust a potential partner that lied about their age on an online dating profile, even if they fessed up early.
  • Most people who are dating online round up in increments of 5 to 10 years – it’s easy to guess a lie when the person discusses when they were in school, favourite television shows when they were children, and the ages of their children or grand children.

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Common Excuses for Lying about Age on a Dating Profile –

The first excuse is, “well – I’m very young for my age.”
  • The truth: everyone thinks this, but even if you are young for your age, you’re still your age – and believe me, age matters to a lot of people.
  • But honesty matters more than age.
Think that “age is just a number?:” Think again!
  • Age IS actually more than a number – it’s a lifelong point of reference that has a huge impact on your influences and your upbringing, from how genders are seen and treated to your politics to your eating, drinking and sexual habits..
  • If you feel everyone your age is “too old for you” – imagine what a much YOUNGER person you’re trying to attract, feels about YOUR AGE.
  • Face the truth and stick as close to your age group as possible but whatever you do, don’t lie.
The second excuse is, “well – everybody does it so I’d be at a disadvantage if I didn’t lie about my age.”

The truth is that NOT EVERYONE does it, and you’ll be at a huge disadvantage if your prospective partner – someone you really like – finds out you’ve been dishonest in your profile or ever for several weeks or years.

You’ll have an advantage if you tell the truth, and make contact with a killer profile that resonates with the person you want to be with, than by pretending to be what you’re not.


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The third excuse is, “I need to date younger, I’m just not attracted to anyone my own age. They all look OLD!”

The truth is, that YOU look about the same age as your peers. You may not want to admit it, but you do – maybe a bit better, maybe a bit younger or fitter – but it’s highly unlikely you’d be mistaken for a man or woman 10 years younger, even if your friends all tell you that. And even if you could be, it’s a greater advantage to be honest about age – and know that the compliments about looking younger are real from people you meet – than to be dishonest and risk a budding relationship founded on a lie.

Relationships founded on a lie are unsustainable.

So be truthful about your age on your profile.

Honesty on dating profiles is the #3 Rule of Being Successful. No lies, no excuses.

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