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Better Online Dating Profiles for Over 50s and Over 60s – How to improve your approach to using online dating sites so you don’t give up in frustration!

This website was created specifically to help over 50s, over 60s and sexy 70s search for love online. The main aim is to improve over 50s chances of finding a friend, lover or companion through practical profile creation advice, photography advice, dating tips and midlife make0ver coaching.best-online-dating-guru-dating-sites-tips

About Connie M – founder of Dating Profile Tips and The Love Hunter’s Guide to midlife love (in press).

Hi, I’m Connie, and I’m in my mid-fifties.

I’ve spent most of my life working in healthcare research, creative writing and psychological/community well-being sectors. Along the way, I’ve worked as a volunteer grief counsellor and life coach for midlife daters from across Australia, the UK and the USA.

Read more about me…and how I can help you with your profile, images, search approach and writing.

Midlife Dating Statistics for Over 50s, Over 60s and Over 70s

Plus Profile Name Ideas, Midlife Profile Creation Approaches and Photography Advice


10 Best Online Dating Site Tips to Overcome Poor Response Rates

Is your online dating site profile getting a poor response rate? Find out the TOP 10 TIPS for Online Dating Profiles for a better dating profile.  Plus, send us your email and join our handy digital newsletter, and get a free template download and a TIPS sheet.

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Think you’re ready for Online Dating? Take the QUIZ.

Find out if you’re actually READY to go online to try to find a potential partner.


7 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE you Build a Profile.

The numbers game: Why writing a good profile and having the right Dating Profile Pics (Photographs) is crucial to success.

Find out how many people you can meet with online dating and average numbers of views/contacts for successful profiles.

If you’re not getting that kind of attention and meet-ups, then you’re doing something very wrong. But don’t give up – help is on the way. Download my tips sheets or order the book LOVE SEEKERS GUIDE.


Best Online Dating Profiles – Templates to UNLOCK doors to Making Connections

If you’re wanting a quick, easy method to put your BEST foot forward – to make better online dating connections on the Top 10 online dating sites for over 50s, start your online dating experience the easiest way. Get easy to complete dating profile templates from a PROFESSIONAL MATCH-MATE GURU and ONLINE DATING Coach.

Order our easy to use templates you can customise to suit your needs.  Only $22 AUD EACH – Or order 3 SAMPLE profile templates for $30 – you can mix and match them across several dating sites AND they are so easy to use.  Alternatively, get your profile reviewed and/or re-written by a professional.

Prices for custom online dating profiles start at $89.00 – photography selection included (send 10 photos and you’ll get advice on which ones to use).  Professional dating profile photography packages may also be available in your region or even via FACETIME, ZOOM or SKYPE!

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Online Dating for Over 50s + Online Dating Profiles Over 60s – Coaching and Profile Help

Online Dating Coaching – Personal Advice and Online Dating Coaching

Struggling to get results with your online dating profiles? Getting NO RESPONSES – or too many rejections – from people you’d really like to meet?  Find out what you’re doing RIGHT and what you could do BETTER for your online profile.

Get personalised advice for creating a profile worthy of the top 100 dating profiles.  Profile creation help PLUS best dating sites templates, tips and tools. Coaching available via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Costs $130 AUD for a 70 minute session or 4 coaching sessions of 70 minutes each – over 4 to 6 weeks – (our most popular option) costs $.480.

Contact us for online dating site profile support.

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Online Dating sucks. Or does it?

Everyone has a different experience on dating sites. Some love it, some hate it – but amongst all users, there are some common threads.

If you want good advice on how to use effective search strategies, and how to create an appealing, accurate profile, you’ve come to the right place. Real advice from real people with over 10 years of online dating and mid-life dating coaching experience.

Remember, though, that you’ll need a LOT of patience.  But if you are willing to be patient and learn the ropes of online dating and effective search strategies, then the experience can be WELL worth your time, energy and online dating costs/dating site or meal expenses.

But get it wrong, and you’ll soon be saying “online dating sucks’! And for some, that is the truth. It CAN suck, big time! But it doesn’t have to be that way. And help is readily available for over 50s and over 60s, sexy 70s and beyond.

Successful Online Dating for Over 50s and Over 60s is ALL about your APPROACH.

It’s HOW you approach online dating that makes the difference when you’re in your fifties, sixties, sexy seventies and beyond.

Get your online dating profile and search strategy wrong – and online dating WILL suck.

It can even feel depleting and soul destroying. Get it right, and it’s a lot of fun.
Plus, if you’re honest, wise and patient, your chances of finding a good partner are much higher.
Why online dating sites don’t WORK well for MANY people over fifty, over sixty and beyond.
  • For some people, online dating sites lead to great connections.
  • There are numerous friendships, dates, marriages and other long-term relationships that have solid compatibility, sensuality and joy.
  • For others, it’s a struggle. A waste of time and energy. The difference is ALL about approach.

Do you need to be on online dating sites to find a partner these days?

The answer is yes, online dating over 50, 60 and 70 can help – a lot.

Is every single person REALLY using online dating methods to find a partner?

The estimate – and it IS just an estimate – as large, validated data sets of unbiased populations are NOT readily available, is that:

  • From nearly 20% to over 50% of singles across all age ranges HAVE USED – or are using – internet dating platforms to connect with others and/or to search for love.
  • The highest group of users are under 35 but there’s a growing user based of 40s, 50s and 60s and sexy 70s..

Facebook has reached a bell curve peak and is on the decline for growth, and is trending downwards in searches according to trend reports.

But Tinder statistics and user growth is rapidly rising and has not yet peaked (my personal estimate is that it will reach it’s bell curve growth peak in about 2 years but that could vary by 1-3 years – and the more languages and countries that adopt the dating app, the longer that growth curve could continue to rise)..


So many people are now using dating profiles online, you really have to be on a dating site to meet someone – or nearly!

Because there’s no sideways glances these days on trains, planes, landing platforms or lobbies. Everyone’s too busy swiping left or right on Tinder or checking their accounts on Match, Elite Singles, Silver Singles, Bumble, RSVP and more.

Tinder Statistics and Facts, Figures and Costs/Pricing (NEWS)

How do you make ONLINE DATING work for you?  What are the secrets to success?
  • Do people over 50, over 60 and beyond, find their third-age love online?
  • Or do they just end up alone and disappointed?

The answer is, it’s a bit of both.

But there are TIPS and TRICKS that increase your chances of finding a good partner – and numerous PITFALLS to avoid when it comes to searching and online dating profile creation.


Search Strategy Advice for ONLINE DATING Success using Dating Apps like Tinder, Bumble, Facebook Dating, Match, Elite Singles, RSVP, Plenty Of Fish and more.

  • Discovering the RIGHT SEARCH strategies and
  • Choosing the RIGHT ONLINE DATING PROFILE approach
  • AND gently explore your further compatibility for midlife relationships,, friendships and love.
But your love life – especially if you’re over fifty, sixty or seventy years of age – is NOT guaranteed to be an easy mission.
  • It is a time of life where dating is full of pitfalls and potential fiascos.
  • But here’s precisely where our Dating Profile Tips and Love Hunters Guide to Midlife Dating can be of help.
There are many pitfalls to online dating over 60. And you probably heard of a few online dating disaster stories spoken of at parties or the local pub. But you’ll also hear of successful relationships that started online. 

What’s the difference? It’s all about APPROACH.  Strategy. Integrity. And Patience.

  • Don’t fall prey to an unsuccessful, fruitless online dating profile search strategy. 
  • Get professional help from Author Connie May, a health and well being researcher and counsellor for relationship compatibility and search strategies for online dating success.

About Connie May MHST – aged in her 50s



Contact me now to subscribe to my e-newsletter, purchase the book OR request some personalised assistance with your dating profile and search strategy. And read my blog about opinions of online dating methods have changed in recent years.

Social changes also apply when you’re searching for love after the age of 50, 60 and beyond on sites like Tinder, Match, Elite Singles, Zoosk, Bumble and more.
  • Plus, there have been many social changes that have altered the way GENDER ROLES play out in male-female relationships, and same-gender/same sex relationships.
  • Not to mention that in your 50s, you may be an empty nester or have your own young children AND your grandchildren living at home (or under the age of 5 or 10) due to remarriage or blended families.

Dating today is not as easy as touching a screen on your phone. But the latest online dating apps and internet dating options CAN make it EASIER (or more difficult).  And this depends entirely on HOW MUCH you learn and prepare for the experience as well as HOW REALISTIC and ADAPTABLE your expectations are (and NOT all expectations should be adaptable. Read the dating profile and search tips on my BLOG).

The reality of Online Dating when you’re over 50, over 60 or over 70 and beyond – it’s tricky, daunting stuff.


  • I’m well aware of the struggles middle-aged individuals face when they find themselves alone – and unexpectedly looking for a new partner to merge with into their final years or decades of life (the final quarter or upper third as some like to call these years)..
  • The older we get, the more tick boxes we have, but the less available suitable partners there is – is a reality of mid-life dating.
  • The online dating field is full of would-be prospective partners who may be surrounded by other would-be suitors – you NEED TO STAND OUT to be seen, searched for and serenaded over a coffee, juice, wine or tea).

Make no mistake, dating online is a very competitive pursuit where creative, fit, healthy and hand-baggage only prospects within cycling distance have a huge ADVANTAGE over people who are less fit, less creative or less interesting in terms of their online profiles and searching strategies.

Throw in ex’s, teenagers, young children or children returned to the house – or grandchildren on the way, third or fourth marriages and divorces and multiple-blended families – and it all gets somewhat complicated.

But I’m here to help you find your way, so long as you do your homework and tasks as described in my book, The Love Hunters Guide to midlife-dating and online search strategies. 

Topics in my book and online dating blog about sites like Tinder and Facebook dating include:

  • understanding the problems with age gaps between partners
  • the necessity of being age-honest on your dating profile
  • which photos will flatter you and which will detract from responses
  • knowing which dating apps or dating sites are going to work best for you and what you’re looking for
  • how to refine your search strategies to save money, time, heartaches and headaches..

Read the Top 10 Online Dating Blogs lists for Connie’s picks for the best online dating sites for all identities.

  • Facebook’s new dating app / separate dating platform
  • Tinder vs Facebook features
  • Facebook vs Tinder Dating Profiles
  • Top 10 Dating Sites for Women
  • Top 10 Dating Sites for Men
  • Top 5 Dating Sites for Athletes and Academics
  • Top Senior online Dating sites for over 50s and over 60s
  • Sexy 70s
  • Top 10 Dating Sites for Lesbians, Transvestites or Gay Men

Don’t fall prey to a poor online dating strategy…get help.

Read our top blogs on internet dating and over-50’s dating (midlife dating)

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